Why KY Lawn Care?

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Lawn Service

To get the professional results you want, it is sometimes best to use a landscaping service. We can help you avoid the guesswork and uncertainty that can prevent some homeowners from maintaining their lawns on their own.
Give your lawn expert results
You can trust a reputable lawn service to help you grow a beautiful lawn with guaranteed results. Your lawn will be cared for by trained experts with proven field experience, transforming even the most challenging lawns into lush, green, showplaces.
Know you’re getting the right mix of products
A professional lawn service program starts with a thorough understanding of your lawn. Your field staff will evaluate your lawn’s strengths and challenges using factors like soil pH, grass types, climate, diseases, and insects. They will then develop a custom program of seeds, fertilizers, and insect controls. They will use only the products that you need, which is beneficial for both your lawn and the environment.
Enjoy the benefits of regular lawn care
Having a beautiful lawn requires maintenance all season long. A lawn service makes sure your lawn gets the proper amounts of fertilizers and insect control products at the correct times throughout the year. You never have to worry about missing a scheduled visit, even when you’re at work or on vacation.
Save money on products and equipment
Lawn products work the best when they’re applied correctly, however buying or renting professional landscape application equipment can be expensive. A lawn service has all of the proper landscaping equipment and trained professionals who know how to use it. Also, when your lawn products are applied correctly, there is less waste. This means that you’re saving money too.
Care for your lawn with information from the experts
Keeping your lawn thick and beautiful also requires proper mowing and watering. A lawn care service can help you make sure you’re managing your regular lawn maintenance correctly between scheduled service visits. Also, if you have any questions about your lawn, you can get the answers you need from your lawn service technicians.

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