Shredded Dirt

Bulk Top Soil Installation CompanyProduct Description: Shredded for easier handwork. We use this shredded dirt for back-filling around foundations, correcting grades, and for seeding in erosion problem areas. Keep the rain from around your home. It can also be used to raise flower beds.

  • Delivery & installation included in Lexington!
  • One truckload covers approx. 350 sq. ft. 2 inches deep.

Bulk Top Soil Installation CompanyShredded Dirt (Fine shredded)

Delivery & Installation included in Lexington KY!

1 Truck Load Only $264 Delivered & Spread!


Other products we offer:

Hardwood Bark Mulch (Natural) –  Black Mulch –  Red Mulch – Brown Mulch – Shredded Dirt – Organic Compost – Woodchips – Playground, Walkway Paths

We also sell material installed by the dump truck load. Please call for pricing.

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