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Kentucky Lawn Care will visit your home and get a general idea of what type of hardscape you are looking for and how you want the area to be used. We can also recommend stones and blocks to make your landscape enhancement perfect. Additionally, if you are looking for accessories, such as a fire pit, grill or garden tresses, and/or retaining wall options, we have the solutions for you.

Custom Hardscapes for Entertaining

Hardscapes are beautiful stones that are laid out and arranged in a way to create an area for entertaining. Kentucky Lawn Care uses beautiful stones and applications that will provide enjoyment for many years to come.

We select stones that match the bricks of your home and add in key features that will make your hardscape area warm and inviting. Stones arranged in different shapes and sizes, as well as many interesting patterns, can be created with beautiful detail.

Enhance the Value and Appeal of your Property

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If your are looking for a great large outdoor hardscape area, or just a smaller area like the picture to the left, we would be happy to customize a solution that fits your wants and needs.

There are many options to beautify and enhance your property. Hardscapes are a great way to create an outdoor living area that will be beneficial and inviting for many years to come.

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Beautify your landscape and raise your property value with hardscape and patios from Kentucky Lawn Care!


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