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Lawn seeding is an important part of achieving a beautiful lawn. Having a thick lawn provides many benefits. Not only does it look beautiful and it is nice to walk on, but it also helps to prevent weed growth. The thicker your lawn is, the less likely weeds will grow.

It is important to maintain a thick, green, lawn. Any type of browning could be a sign of a fungus or lawn disease. You may want to have it treated before considering lawn seeding services.

There are two methods for lawn seeding

If you wish to thicken the lawn regularly over time, yet have heavily compacted soil that is high in traffic, then you may wish to try our core aeration process. We would use a broadcast seeder to apply seed to the lawn. Our crews would then use a core aeration machine, which pulls out small cores of dirt from the lawn. This helps to de-compact the soil. By de-compacting the soil, the grass roots make better use of water and nutrients because they will be able to grow deeper into the soil. Then, using a broadcast seeder, we would spread seed on to the lawn. Those seeds would germinate within the holes applied by the core aeration machine.

Lawn seeding serviceThe most effective and recommended option – Slit seeding

The second, and most effective, option is slit seeding. Slit seeding uses a machine that cuts lines in to the yard and drops seeds within those grooves. It is the most effective option because of the higher seed to soil ratio which provides a better germination rate. Read more about slit seeding here.

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Watering your lawn once every 2 days for the first 3 weeks after having your lawn seeded is important to establish new lawn growth.


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