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Lawn mowing service in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Regular lawn mowing is important and has many benefits to the overall health of your lawn. Most lawns should be mowed when the lawn reaches a maximum of three inches. Removing too much of the grass blade at once can negatively impact the overall health of your lawn.

About our mowing service

Kentucky Lawn Care offers professional lawn mowing services on a weekly or bi-monthly plan (2x /month). Most lawns should be cut at least once per week to prevent too much thatch buildup (dead grass) on the lawn. During the hotter months, however, lawns should be mowed once every 10-14 days for the best optimal health of the lawn.

What’s included in our mowing package?

Our mowing packages include, mowing the entire property and string trimming around areas such as the house, fence, and mailbox, etc. We will then blow off patios and concrete areas with a backpack blower.

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Most lawns should be mowed between two-three inches and at no less than two inches. Of course this varies depending upon the type of grass on your lawn. Example: Fescue, Bluegrass, Bermuda.


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