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                   Those leafs are going to kill out your lawn
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Leaf removal service in Lexington, Kentucky.Leaf Removal Company

Leaf removal from your lawn is extremely important for maintaining a beautiful lawn. When leafs are not removed, they become matted on the turf, causing the grass roots to weaken. This prevents the grass from growing as rapidly the following year.


How our leaf removal service works

Kentucky Lawn Care will blow the leafs from all areas of the property with a commercial backpack blower including, between bushes, under garages, and along fence lines, etc.

Our crews will then use a machine suction to disperse leafs into the back of our trucks, depending on the size of the job. For smaller projects, they may simply load them into a trailer.

Due to the nature of this service, Kentucky Lawn Care charges hourly. There is a one hr. minimum charge. You have the option of a one-man crew or all the way up to a commercial crew of 4.

What’s included?

Leaf removal is usually performed between the months of October – November, when most leafs have fallen. Follow-up services may be necessary if further leafs fall onto the lawn.

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

If you desire a lawn like a golf course, leaf removal in the fall plays an important role in acheiving that.


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