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Snow salt application service in Lexington, KentuckySnow salt service

Kentucky Lawn Care offers professional salt application products that do not eat away at your sidewalk or driveways. Many companies may use a product that, over time, will eat away and destroy different surfaces, such as concrete and wooden surfaces.

Our salt is safe

Ice can be melted away with de-icing agents that will not destroy the material in which they are applied on. Other salt types can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages. Selecting a product that is effective and free of harmful chemicals that will destroy, as well as discolor, surfaces is extremely important. Selecting a service that is aware of this for your snow and ice removal, as well as your salt application needs, is essential.

Snow Salt Company

Salt Application Services

Selecting Kentucky Lawn Care as your snow and ice removal company will guarantee you that the proper measures are in place to ensure that your property will receive quality controlled measures in the products that we use, as well as to protect your investments from the damages that are in many types of salt and de-icing agents.


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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Many salts have agents that will damage the landscaping bricks and concrete of a property, etc. We use the right type of salt that will not harm the material in which it is placed on.


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