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Kentucky Lawn Care offers professional snow plowing services on a regular basis, or as a one-time service. Snow plowing services from Kentucky Lawn Care keep your property snow and ice-free all winter long.
Snow plowing services keep your property snow and ice-free. We will remove snow from your driveway, sidewalk, patios, and porches. We also offer salt application to protect your property from ice. Our salt is certified by us not to eat away at concrete, which destroys it like many other types of salt will do.

Snow Plowing ServiceSnow plowing spaces fill up fast

It is important that you contact Kentucky Lawn Care to get on our snow plowing schedule as quickly as possible. Our snow plowing route sheet fills up fast, especially during a big snow.
You should have peace of mind knowing that if there is a snow storm, you have someone within reach who is coming to plow the snow from your property for easy access to the street and emergency routes.

Peace of mind

Snow plowing and salt application are extremely important to provide a safe property this winter. Be sure to ask about our “Xpress Snow Removal” services from Kentucky Lawn Care, to keep your property snow and ice-free all winter long.
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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

It is best to have snow removed as soon as possible, before the snow has had a chance to melt or become slushy. At night, the melted snow will refreeze and turn into ice, which becomes harder to remove.


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