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Slit seeding service in Lexington, Kentucky Slit Seeding Service

Slit seeding is used to thicken an existing lawn, by sowing new grass seed into the dirt. This service may also be referred to as power seeding. A slit seeding machine is a machine that has tines or blades which cut lines (or slits) into a yard. Seed is then dispensed into the slits that the machine makes on the yard. This is how the seed becomes planted.

The benefits of slit / power seeding

Slit seeding provides many benefits over traditional broadcast seeding, by providing better germination rates than a traditional broadcast seeding process. This is due to the fact that the seed is planted under the soil, rather than just resting on top of it. This service is recommended because most of the seed is planted, and not wasted. Given the benefits, slit seeding also has the added benefit of a better soil to seed ratio, causing more seed to sprout. Additionally, since the seed has been planted, birds are not able to eat the seed.

Slit Seeding CompanyWhen should I use this service?

The best times to have slit seeding performed are early spring and early to mid-fall. For optimal results, we recommend following up with a new lawn starter fertilizer, as regular fertilizer and weed control products will kill the new seeds within 45 days of planting.

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Watering your lawn once every 2 days for the first 3 weeks after slit seeding is important to establish new lawn growth.


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