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Tree stump removal company in Lexington, Kentucky Stump Removal Service

Kentucky Lawn Care offers tree stump removal services. We have provided excellent customer service for residential and commercial clients.

Stump Removal Goals

1. To professionally remove roots and tree stumps, by grinding them into useful mulch.

2. To provide customers with a courteous and expeditious response, reasonable prices, satisfaction, and guaranteed work.

3. To facilitate all customers’ stump removal needs, from the single-family homeowner, to the corporate client.

4. To recognize and address potential hazards, and to assure meticulous cleanup.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

– Stumps are unsightly and potentially hazardous. A stumble over one is often all one needs to remind them of the ‘agony of de-feet!’

– As a stump dries out, it becomes a haven for both airborne and sub-terrainian termites, in addition to ants, roaches, and other such pests. It may also become a den for possums, squirrels, racoons, snakes, and many such yard-loving creatures. Once their home is established, it does not take long for them to move in with YOU!

– The small cost incurred to remove a tree stump can be a major offset to future property damage or trip and fall injuries.

– The mulch from the stump grinding can them be used in your garden, flowerbeds, or composted for future use. Nothing to throw away!

– Once a stump has been ground out, you can then continue with your planting/landscaping needs

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Kentucky Lawn Care Tip

Not having stumps properly removed can cause the stump to begin to develop new growth.


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